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Balanced Bopp Living and Tiffany Bopp
Encouraging you not to idolize health and fitness and providing perspective from a Christian point of view

My name is Tiffany Bopp and I originally started Balanced Bopp Living to promote a balanced, healthy lifestyle without the feelings of pressure, stress, and idolization that often come with it. I had struggled with an eating disorder for about 2 years and my intention was to use my passion for cooking and exercise to help others see the beauty in them beyond how they affect the body aesthetically. I wanted to discourage the obsession over appearance and health as a whole. 

As I recovered from my eating disorder and continued to develop BBL, I was reminded over and over again that while yes, I can probably be somewhat successful in turning people away from obsession, idolization, and aesthetics…what was I turning them to? Or more accurately stated, Who was I turning them to? Because in my heart, I knew that God had saved me from that burden in my life and He intimately changed me in an incomprehensible way through the difficulties I had faced. I was made aware of my selfish desires I had indulged in for so long and was reminded of Who our Savior is and where my focus and complete devotion should be. 
Because of this, I’ve changed my business to show you Who to turn to when you realize that the false idols you’ve created won’t save you, can’t save you… no matter what form they take. I now create things and share things with the intention of turning you to Christ. I now create and share from a Christian perspective knowing that there’s nothing better I could share with you than the gospel in any and every way I can.
So, an overview would be that I provide Biblical information, Biblical encouragement, easy and yummy recipes, functional resources, and encouragement to eat nutritious food and stay active if and when possible but to not feel guilty when it doesn’t work out perfectly. 
Health is widely talked and debated about in today’s society. It’s something that’s on almost everyone’s top priorities list and what so many of us strive to achieve and maintain. “You should eat this, you should cut out these foods, I’m on this diet and I’ve lost __ pounds, this is the best way to workout,””Did you know that’s actually really bad for you?”…..it’s exhausting. But I’m here to tell you that no matter how obsessed the world becomes with keeping they’re human bodies in “mint condition,” we are all getting older day by day, until one day will be our last. On that day, I want you to be welcomed into the arms of Jesus as an heir to the throne. I want you to spend eternity with our magnificent God. 
I want to be honest and state that I do hold some value in health, wellness, nutrition, and fitness. I believe when I take care of my body, the place where the Spirit dwells, I am able to serve Jesus and others well. So, I will share snippets that I believe will benefit you. I will show you things that have worked for me and have helped me. But let’s praise God for blessing us with the privilege and understanding to make these decisions. And let’s never prioritize our health over God, over others, or over the Kingdom. 

A few quick facts about me as of 9/25/20:

  • I am a follower of Christ 

  • I’m in my senior year of college, studying Kinesiology

  • I’m engaged to a wonderful man who happens to be my best friend and the love of my life (Ben!)

  • I love reading the Bible and other books, hiking, taking care of people, cooking & baking, driving around with Ben, playing with my nieces and nephews, having game night with my family, and spending time in the sunshine!

  • I love and care about you, even if we haven’t met. 



I hope you all find some encouragement and enjoyment while you're here! 



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"So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." - 1 Corinthians 10:31

In Christ Alone my hope is found

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