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What is Diet Culture?

(pt. 1)

#dietculture ➡️ a term flying

around social media right now.

Here are my thoughts.

To the Girl Who Struggles with Perfectionism

If you consider yourself a perfectionist, I empathize with how you're feeling and...

9 Plant Based

Protein Sources

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, plant-based, or simply don’t want meat at all your meals (for financial or health or convenience reasons), this list of alternative proteins will give you some ideas on how to substitute meat without depriving your body of necessary protein. (PDF included)

Measurement Conversion Chart

A list of basic conversions

for baking or cooking

(PDF included)

Why I Deleted Social Media & Why I Got It Back 

I deleted all my social media accounts. This is why. I got Instagram back. This is why.

Eating Healthier:

The First Step

Changing your diet can be difficult so take it slow and start with this simple step...

11 Tips on How to Eat

Healthy on a Budget

My tops tips for eating

healthy on a budget!

Some Days You'll Be Hungrier Than Others

this is a hard thing to deal with, especially if you have disordered thoughts about eating and food but trust's normal

...not a stressor that causes obsessive analysis & negative feelings

this is a big one for me


here are my thoughts

What *NOT* to Say

a list of terms that negatively affected my mental health during my eating disorder and that still to this day bother me

Ingredient Substitution & Conversion Chart

Missing ingredients?

Check here to see if there's a replacement!

Healthy Non-Homemade Snacks

A list of 20 healthy snacks that require minimal to no prep. These are great for on-the-go! (PDF included)

My First 15k!

The longest I've run so far!

Although I've been very active throughout my life, I've never gotten into long-distance running. But, I recently ran my first 15k and this blog is all about how it went! A half marathon may be somewhere in the near future...

My Favorites This Month - March 2020

A list of foods, appliances, products, etc. that I've been enjoying this month! (March edition) 

6 Steps to Organizing a Cluttered Area

Make an area more functional and enjoyable with these 6 actionable steps!

Recipes I've Been Loving From Other Bloggers

A list of recipes I've tried (& loved) from other food bloggers! (links included)

My Favorites This Month - May 2020

A list of foods, appliances, products, etc. that I've been enjoying this month! (May edition) 

Six Pack of Peaks - Arizona (food)

I put together a list of the food we packed and ate throughout the trip. I really wanted us to have nutritious...

Can You Have Both?

a common question I asked myself many times throughout recovery...

Things You Could

Say Instead

a response to last week's post...phrases you could say instead






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