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Conversion Chart

Hi friends,

        One of the most frustrating things when following a recipe is not knowing the conversion for something. It’s helpful to be able to quickly convert ingredients to fit whatever measuring tools you have on hand. Knowing conversions also comes in handy when you’re halving or doubling a recipe so you can make sure you’re using accurate amounts of ingredients. Below you’ll see that I’ve put together a simple conversion chart that you can use for cooking or baking that I’m hoping will make things a little easier for you. I’ve also attached a pdf form of the chart so you can download and print for your home! 

now cook & bake away…

Below is the pdf conversion chart. To download, hover over the box and click “click here.” 


Talk to you soon!

Tiffany Bopp

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My goal for Balanced Bopp is to promote a positive outlook on nutrition and exercise and an appreciation for a balanced lifestyle, free of overthinking, disappointment, and fear. 

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