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Hi Friends,


Today’s blog post is a fun one! Ben and I have been dating long distance for almost 3 years now so we’ve gained quite a lot of experience in talking on the phone/FaceTiming with one another. This has taught us communication skills, revealed a lot about one another, and encouraged us to get creative as we navigate dating while living hours away from each other. 

Let me tell you, it’s not easy and it’s not for everyone but if you’ve decided that you’re going to give a try, this will be super helpful to you. 


Now if you’re not dating long-distance, I still think this list of questions will be helpful and fun to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend (or husband/wife)! One thing that Ben and I have discovered is that it’s crucial to get to know one another (preferences, character, personality traits, pet peeves, etc.) throughout the dating stage of a relationship instead of just relying on enjoying each other’s company. While it’s great to do fun activities together and go on dates, it’s also important to dive into who each person is and what their values are so that you can make wise decisions and actions when considering moving on to engagement and marriage (which hopefully is your end goal when dating someone).


If you’re already married, you’ll probably know most if not all of these questions about your spouse but if you don’t, I think it’d be a great idea for you to use theses questions as well! Some are silly and some are really useful in helping the relationship flourish. 


I’m planning on making more blog posts and YouTube videos in the future relating to long-distance and general relationship topics so stay tuned for that!!


Now let’s get into these questions…

  1. It’s a Friday night and you have no plans…would you rather stay in or go out?

  2. Would you rather live in a warmer climate or a colder climate?

  3. Would you rather read a really good book or watch a really good movie?

  4. Who are you closest with in your family?

  5. What would you do with a million dollars?

  6. What are some of your favorite foods?

  7. What do you like to do in your free time?

  8. What is one place you’ve never been but would love to go?

  9. What’s your favorite animal to have as a pet? 

  10. Are you religious?

a little later into the relationship...

  1. What are three words you’d use to describe yourself?

  2. List 3 long-term goals you have?

  3. Tell me one of your best childhood memories.

  4. By what age would you like to be married?

  5. Do you want kids? If so, how many?

  6. Where do you want to settle down?

  7. What are your career plans/goals?

  8. In what ways do you show appreciation for someone?

  9. In what ways do you like to be loved/shown appreciation?

  10. Would you rather host Thanksgiving dinner or attend Thanksgiving dinner?

I hope these questions give you some ideas and encourage you to spend quality time with your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse talking and getting to know one another better!!


Contribute some of your own questions down below in the comments!!

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