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Printable Evangelism Handout

(What Is The Gospel?)

All Christians are called to share the Gospel out of love for God and love for thy neighbor. One great way to do this is by handing out cards that explain what the Gospel and include  contact information on it for further questions. A face-to-face interaction is preferred but we must remember that the Gospel is powerful and God changes hearts, not us. So we must realize that reading the Gospel can be just as effective as hearing it from someone. And we must trust that God is sovereign over everything, salvation included.

I've created printable cards with this information on it that are customizable for your own name and contact info.

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Books of the Bible Checklist

This checklist serves as a way for you to keep up with which books of the Bible you've read. Whether you have a specific Bible reading plan or you're going through it book by book, this will allow you to record that you've finished an book and also allow you to see which books you have left. 

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SPECKA - Bible study method

S.P.E.C.K.A  acronym laid out. Save this file to refer back to when using this method!

(printing it out is also helpful!)


There's a blog post and YouTube video that goes along with this. Click for pdf + links. 

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5 things that help me not idolize or obsess over health & fitness

Idolizing health and fitness has been a big struggle of mine in the past and even now at times. I've listed 5 things that have helped me destroy the idols I had created and form healthier relationships with food and exercise...keeping my focus, attention, and worship on Jesus.

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Christian book recommendations

Here are 5 Christian book recommendations as of 8/27/20!

The Bible should obviously be the book that we read the most and that has the most impact on us but there are also a bunch of really great biblical resources that deepen understanding of the Bible and provide insight and knowledge that's really helpful as a Christian. (Always do your research and ensure that books and other outside resources are biblically-based and align with your beliefs :) )  

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sermon notes worksheet

This worksheet provides sectioned areas for notes, scripture, things to study further, and application. If you takes notes in church/during sermons, this could be very useful to you! You can print in color, b&w, two-sided, or however else you'd like and then create a binder or folder to collect them all over the years.

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eating disorder resources

Here's a  list of eating disorder resources I gathered to hopefully encourage those struggling with disordered thoughts and actions regarding food to seek help. I know it's hard to reach out but it's essential. Many recovery organizations will keep your situation anonymous if you so choose, as long as it isn't a risk to your life.


There's also a resource listed for parents/families. The support needs support too.

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