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Printable Evangelism Handout

(What Is The Gospel?)

All Christians are called to share the Gospel out of love for God and love for thy neighbor. One great way to do this is by handing out cards that explain what the Gospel and include  contact information on it for further questions. A face-to-face interaction is preferred but we must remember that the Gospel is powerful and God changes hearts, not us. So we must realize that reading the Gospel can be just as effective as hearing it from someone. And we must trust that God is sovereign over everything, salvation included.

I've created printable cards with this information on it that are customizable for your own name and contact info.

The wording of the Gospel explanation is from John Piper (Desiring God),

Recommended way to print:  

  • Customize name and contact info (email or phone number)

  • Bring computer or phone to a Fedex Office Print & Ship Center

  • Ask for the document to be front and back, four to a page

  • Print on card stock (~$10 for 20 sheets)

  • Have them cut it for $1.50 or cut it yourself with scissors

Download handout here!

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