Healthy, Non-Homemade Snacks

20 snacks that don't require an oven, recipe, or clean up!

It’s not always easy or feasible to make purely homemade snacks to have around the house or pack for going out of the house. And it can seem discouraging when amongst the health community, store-bought, and especially packaged, snacks are seen as anti-healthy. I wholeheartedly believe that if you can make your own food from scratch and have the time to do so, it’s a great way to ensure where the ingredients are coming from and how the food is being prepared. But I also believe that there are plenty of snack options that don’t require following a recipe, using an oven, or making a mess in the kitchen that are nutritious for your body as well. I’m going to share 20 of my favorite non-homemade/store-bought snacks to give you some tasty ideas for when you just don’t have the time (or maybe the energy) to make something homemade. 

P.S. And don’t feel discouraged for picking these items over homemade…I love all of these and they work great! Some of them may seem obvious but it doesn’t always have to be complicated to be effective. 

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No prep: For these 10 snacks, you can literally grab them and walk out of the door. These work great for when you’ve forgotten to prep the night before or you want something that you can easily pick up as you’re leaving.  

1. Piece of fruit

You can easily grab a piece of fruit and hit the road. Certain fruits are easier to grab than others such as bananas, apples, and oranges. With fruits such as berries, pineapple, and mango, you’ll have to do a little prep ahead by peeling or slicing. 

2. Nut butter packet or RX bar packet

You can buy squeezable nut butter packets that have one serving of nut butter in each. I’ve also tried RX brand nut butter in the same type of packets, and I love them. They have a little more protein than regular nut butter because they use egg white protein and they also come with various flavors. I like combining one of these nut butter packets with a piece of fruit for a more filling snack. 

3. RX bar

RX bars are one of the few bars that I occasionally eat if I’m traveling or super short on time. Some people have an issue with the texture, which is very chewy but if you don’t mind it, then they’re a great choice. RX bars are made with nuts, dates, egg whites, and whatever flavor it is. 

4. Roasted chickpeas

These can sometimes be expensive to buy but if you can afford it, roasted chickpeas make for a great snack. These packages usually just contain chickpeas, oil, and seasonings. 

5. Seaweed

Many people will see this and be repulsed but I absolutely love seaweed. It comes in individual packaging and you can choose from a variety of flavors. It’s a less filling snack but it works great if you just need something to tie you over until the next meal. 

6. Trail mix or nuts

Trail mix made with nuts, seeds, and dried fruit is a great snack that provides a variety of nutrients. You can also buy packets of nuts only such as almonds and cashews. 

7. Apple chips

Apple chips are so darn good. They’re usually ridiculously expensive but if you can afford it, they’re an awesome snack. The only ingredients should be apples (and cinnamon if you get the cinnamon kind). 

8. Skinny Pop

Skinny Pop is usually just made with popcorn, oil, salt, rice flavor, and flavoring. It makes for a yummy, healthy snack! 

9. Avocado

I love plain avocado. For a snack, I’ll cut an avocado in half and eat one of the halves with a spoon. You can also sprinkle salt and pepper for some more flavor. 

10. String cheese

I’ve loved string cheese since I was young. If you’re not dairy free, it makes for a great snack to grab on the way out the door!

Minimal prep: For these 10 snacks, you’ll have to do simple things like microwave or pack in a container but overall, they require very minimal time and effort.  

11. Peanut butter crackers

Peanut butter crackers are the absolute best! They have about a million different cracker options now so you can easily buy some gluten free crackers if that’s your preference or just crackers made with a few simple ingredients. It only takes a couple minutes to make peanut butter cracker sandwiches and stick them in a container or ziplock for the next day. You can also buy premade peanut butter crackers which would make it a “no prep” snack. 

12. Yogurt with berries

I like to spoon some yogurt into a container and top it with some washed berries as a snack. I like plain Greek yogurt because it has a good amount of protein in it and not much sugar, but I know that the taste is quite strong and unenjoyable for most people. I would recommend buying plain Greek or plain nondairy yogurt if that’s your preference and adding a little honey to mix in. You can also add other toppings such as seeds, granola, or shredded coconut. 

13. Veggies or crackers and hummus

It’s super quick to cut some veggies and put it in a container with a spoonful of store-bought hummus. You can also make it even easier by purchasing precut veggies and individual containers of hummus.

14. Edamame

Edamame is a yummy, protein-rich snack. It’s plant protein so if you’re vegetarian or vegan, this is a great option. They have big microwavable bags or individual microwavable boxes that are quick to prepare. 

15. Boiled eggs

Boiled eggs are another great, protein-rich snack. It only takes a few minutes to boil eggs over the stove or you can make it even easier by purchasing an egg cooker. I love, love this snack. 

16. Veggies and guacamole

Any time you can fit it more veggies and micronutrients, go for it! Yummy guacamole makes it a lot easier for people. Tons of people love guacamole and stores sell it in individual packets now so it’s quick and easy to pack. 

17. Tuna and crackers or veggies

If you’re a tuna lover, this one makes for an amazing, healthy snack. Stores sell individual tuna packets but it’s good to check the back and see what the sodium content is. A lot of the flavored packets have upward of 500mg of sodium per serving which can make your body feel not so good. I believe there are plain tuna packets as well as plain tuna in a can that are options as well. You can enjoy it plain, pre seasoned, or season it yourself. I also enjoy having veggies or crackers to use as dippers.  

18. Cottage cheese with fruit

Not a ton of people love cottage cheese. I really enjoy it and it has a good amount of protein, so I’ll pair it with fruit or, as weird as it sounds, peanut butter and jelly and it’s delicious to me! You can buy individual serving containers or a big container and portion it out each time. Cottage cheese can also have a high sodium content so it’s usually best to try and stick to the serving size. 

19. Granola

Granola makes for a yummy, sweet snack! If I buy granola instead of making it myself, I really like Kind, Bare Naked, and Purely Elizabeth brands. Some brands of granola are sort of just ground up cookies to me and have quite a bit of sugar without very much protein, so I try to pay attention to the ingredients. 

20. From The Ground Up Cauliflower Crackers

These cauliflower crackers I recently tried are really tasty. If you enjoy crackers or Cheezits and want a healthier alternative, these are a great choice. They can be a little pricier but if you can afford them, I think they’re pretty cool.

These are 20 of my favorite non-homemade/store-bought snacks. There’s an overview pdf at the bottom of this page that you can download and print. You could keep it accessible on your computer or print it out and put up on the fridge or someone else where it’ll remind you that no matter how little time you have, you can eat nutritious snacks! You don’t have to turn to food that doesn’t make you feel good or skip snacks all together because you feel like there’s no other option. That will usually lead to becoming over hungry which will likely also make you feel not so good, probably make you hangry, and also make you more prone to overeat at your next meal. Try these out to satisfy that in-between-meal-hunger that sneaks up on us all!

Now I want you to share some of your healthy on-the-go snacks in the comments below!


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