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October 4, 2020

I’m sharing a new Bible study method today called H.E.A.R. and it’s a good one!


On my YouTube Channel and my website, I plan to post as many videos and blog posts as I can on various Bible study methods. I’ll research them, try them out for myself, and then create a video (explaining the method and showing an example of how it works) and/or create a blog post (explaining how it works). There are many, many ways to study the Bible and some will click with you more than others. What's most important is that we do it!...that we’re reading His magnificent, breathed out words and that we’re doing all that we can to understand it, learn it, live it, and not stray from it. 


I hope y'all try this study method out on your own or with others and find it useful. Look out for more blog posts and videos to come on Bible study methods. I want you to discover different ways to study the Bible that work for you and for you to continually be encouraged to open that beautiful Bible each and every day!!


May your studies be fruitful and your life be centered on God…





There are two main interpretations of this method that I’ve found so I’ll include both below. 


For each, you’ll begin by choosing a passage or set of verses to read alone or with others.

Here is what each letter stands for:

H - His word or Highlight

Your choice for this one will likely be made based on if you highlight in your Bible or not. If you don’t, you can just read through the verses you chose and if you do highlight, you’ll do so as you read. 


E - Examine the text or Explain the text

You can either examine the text further, taking it line by line or phrase by phrase and really dissecting what message is being conveyed. Examine also involves acknowledging the context for the set of verses. Explaining the text would be explaining to someone else, to yourself out loud, or to yourself silently to get a better grasp on what you’ve read. Being able to retain the information and then relay it back is important because it will help you remember the text and allow you to share it with others easily. 


A - Apply (same for both)

How does the text apply to you and your life or how do you plan to apply it here on out. This could be:

  • something that has bothered you for some time and you’d like to work through it

  • a weakness or sin that you’ve recognized and now desire to be changed

  • a joy or blessing that you’ve taken for granted and now want to acknowledge and praise God for

  • something you’ve never thought of before but now want to mediate on and study further 

Many other things could apply. 


R - Respond in Prayer (same for both)

This is one of the most important parts of any Bible study. This is where you communicate to God through our Lord Jesus Christ. This is where you praise Him, thank Him, ask Him, talk to Him which can be so easy to take for granted. Friends, don’t take this part lightly or skip it altogether. Our relationship with God is why we study the Bible. It’s why, as Christians, our sins have been forgiven (praise Jesus!). Our sins are not wiped clean so that we can live care-free and not go to hell. They’re forgiven because sin separates us from God and God loved us so much that He sent Jesus so that we could have a relationship with Him. Let’s continue to pursue that relationship through prayer. 




If you try this study method out, let me know how it goes in the comments below!

In Christ Alone my hope is found

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