Resource Guide Launch on March 26:

Organized Living

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A resource guide filled with tangible tools to help you stay organized.

My goal is that you can structure your schedules and responsibilities so that they seem like less of a burden and more of a blessing!


Within this guide you will find 20+ pdf's that you can easily print and fill out. Preceding each page will be an info sheet to explain how to best use the template. Once purchased, this resource guide is all yours for you to use over and over again. 

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If you are subscribed to Balanced Bopp Living's email list, you will be receiving a 20% off discount code in your inbox the morning of the launch that will last 24 hours. It’s my way of saying thank you to you. I appreciate your support more than you know. 


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First, you must be subscribed to Balanced Bopp Living's email list. Then, if you refer a friend to purchase this guide and they 1. subscribe to my email list (so they get their 20% off discount code too) and 2. email your name to as the one who referred them, you will be sent a separate discount code via email that will bump you up to 35% off. If you purchase your guide before your friend, I will still honor your 35% off discount by refunding you the difference in money. 


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