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Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Hi people,

Welcome to Balanced Bopp Living!

My very. first. blog.....and I'm feeling many emotions. First and foremost is excitement and happiness!! It may not be as exciting for you all to read as it is for me to write but I've been ITCHING to share my love for health and fitness since I began to see all the positive changes it has brought to my life. I love discussing this topic and I'm always looking for ways to share with others. Health and fitness are often perceived in negative ways, whether it is because of comparison, arrogance, defeat, struggle, or the feeling of unattainability. But, my goal is to uplift people and provide maintainable ways to live healthier and feel better. It is common for the goal, especially relating to fitness, to be attainability such as achieving that ideal weight or a shredded stomach. Personally, I think it is more useful to strive for maintainability: a way of living that is practical, long-lasting, and hopefully fun! Physical changes are often a by-product of the way in which we eat and move but having a motive of health over physique will likely be more beneficial in the long run. Now, don't get me wrong, I do understand wanting to look a certain way and I do enjoy seeing visual representations of the hard work I've put in BUT my goal is to help others find that balance. The "yeah my biceps look great today" but more importantly, "I FEEL good today."

I want more than anything for this website to spread positivity to each and every person that visits. For some people, hitting the gym and counting macros is their jam and for others, taking walks and eating intuitively is more their style. And guess what???....either way IS OKAY. I'm not here to tell you how you should be eating, exercising, or living your day-to-day life. Each body is different and it's nobody's place, with the exception of medical professionals, to tell you what is "healthy" for your body. I do, however, want to encourage you to pay attention. Listen to your body and find out what it needs and the ways in which it functions best. Effort is the most crucial element for a healthy lifestyle. Incorporate movement into your day in whatever way feels best to YOU. Strive to eat nutrient-rich foods that properly fuel YOUR body without becoming obsessed or labeling foods as "bad." But most importantly, make sure you're not miserable in the process. Mental health matters too! I promise there are an infinite amount of ways to go about a "healthy lifestyle" and one, or many, of them will work for you. It just takes time at first. By making health a priority, you will automatically put effort towards it. Just like anything else you prioritize such as faith, school, relationships, and hobbies, the more you care, the more time and effort you'll spend on it without much thought.

Along with all these wonderful feelings, I'm also feeling a little overwhelmed and fearful. I never imagined myself having a blog because putting my thoughts, opinions, and life experiences out into the open world of the internet is SCARY. I feel a lot of pressure to deliver useful information that people can learn and benefit from. I would never want someone to feel as though their choices are wrong or bad because I choose to do things differently. And most of all, I want to make a difference for better, not for worse. Although my intentions are to be helpful and positive, some are likely to perceive things in a different way. Ever since I decided to create a website, my thoughts have been on a roller coaster. One day, I'm motivated to create and write and share and other days I'm stuck thinking, "what if people hate my recipes" or "what if someone thinks I'm being a know-it-all by sharing my thoughts." This is a simple reminder that some days will be up and some will be down. Sometimes emotions change in the matter of minutes. But, I'm trying to remain focused on why I first wanted to start this website. It's impossible to please everyone so, if I can just help one person out, I'll be a happy camper. I've wanted to do something like this for SO LONG but I was always so scared. I was waiting until I was healthy "enough" or strong "enough" or knowledgable "enough" but waiting on perfection is a losing battle because it will never come. "If you wait for the perfect moment when all is safe and assured, it may never arrive" - Maurice Chevalier. There will never be a perfect moment... so let's do it!

Often times, I see people hiding their discoveries that could potentially help others whether it be for attention, power, or simply to make others jealous. I try not to fall into that common practice of "I have what you don't, naa na na boo boo." I mean, it's easier to boast about what we have when we're the only ones around who have it, right? BOO. Don't focus on all that you can take but instead focus on all that you can give. I mean, hey, you can't take it with ya when you go anyways, so why not.

Once you share information, it's not gone. It can be spread to the next person and the next person and the next. I want to share so many things on this site because while I know that I still have much to learn myself, the recipes, workouts, stretches, routines, tips, etc., that I've discovered and transformed into my own, have done wonders for me and I'm eager to share them! We are blessed to have the ability to possess an abundance of knowledge and experiences that we can share with one another and it brings me such joy to be able to do just that in any small way that I can.

Throughout my journey so far, I've definitely struggled with perfectionism especially with food and exercise. And, although it's a constant battle that I know many others face as well, the past few months have shown me the beauty in balance! I want to be able to share this balance with others especially if they’ve experienced similar hardships as I have. Yes, I fully believe that eating healthy and remaining active is extremely important, but, what defines "healthy" is a war that will never be won. Everyone has a different interpretation and new studies will continue to arise that challenge our beliefs. What is most important is to keep going and do your best. Don't obsess and don't be discouraged by opposing opinions. We're all trying to navigate through this life and none of have all the answers. ​

When I first took interest in becoming healthier, I was very influenced by health websites and social media posts. Some were good influences and some were not. Health and fitness "influencers" have become quite popular and unfortunately, it is much of the time because of social media "likes" or the image of "having it all together." Not to say there aren't quality sources because there are a plethora of outlets for this topic, good and bad, but it's crucial to know the integrity of what and who you're basing decisions off of. This is why I wanted to make my intentions clear upfront. For me, it's extremely important to promote a positive outlook on this topic. I started this page in hopes of helping people live healthier in a way that is MAINTAINABLE and ENJOYABLE. You don't have to run 5 miles a day, eat celery for each meal, or join some crazy, restrictive diet plan to become your own version of healthy and fit. Your preferences are most likely going to be different than mine and everyone else's around you. It does, however, take dedication and the willingness to make long-term changes. When you have the mind set of only committing to 7 days or 8 weeks, old habits will return the day after that time frame is up. But, the good news is that my page is all about balance! Things we may see as "off limits" such as having treats or taking days to rest ARE OKAY. Perfection is not the goal, health is the goal. And health = balance.

I hope you enjoy my page!

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