Six Pack of Peaks - Arizona

~ TRIP ~

Now that summer has officially ended and school is in full swing, I decided to go back to Ben and I’s hiking trip and show all the fun pictures we took! I always enjoy seeing pics of trips and vacations, especially if I plan on doing something similar in the future. I had planned on writing this super long thing with summaries of each mountain, stories, whaT we packed in our backpacks, and so on but, it was taking so long to write and I wasn’t enjoying it so I just stopped. I thought why make such a wonderful experience turn unenjoyable over a blog. post. Like come on, not gonna happen. Plus, I’ve really been focusing lately on being present and recognizing that not everything has to be shared with the world. Some things are meant to be with just you and the people you love. Sooo…with this blog, it will mainly be a while lotta pics with a few comments here and there. I loved this trip and I love the outdoors and I LOVE this boy :) So, if you don't care about mountain pics and random dance poses on top of them, this may not be the blog for you….but if you do, I hope you enjoy the sights!!

I can't help myself...I love itineraries

It kept us on track, though!!

(Ben's explorer? poses) First campsite. We loved it! I had never been camping before

In Christ Alone my hope is found

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