SPECKA Bible Study Method

September 11, 2020

A Bible study method called SPECKA has become one of my

go-to methods lately for reading and studying God's word!


On my YouTube Channel, I plan to post as many videos as I can on various Bible study methods. I’ll research them, try them out for myself, and then create a video explaining the method and showing an example of how it works. There are many, many ways to study the Bible and some will click with you more than others. What's most important is that you do it!...that you're reading His magnificent, breathed out words and that you're doing all that you can to understand it, learn it, live it, and not stray from it. 


I hope y'all try this study method out on your own or with others and find it useful. Look out for more blog posts and videos to come on Bible study methods. I want you to discover different ways to study the Bible that work for you and for you to continually be encouraged to open that beautiful Bible each and every day!!


May your studies be fruitful and your life be centered on God…



Begin by choosing a passage or set of verses to read alone or with others.


If you’re studying alone, you can read the passage silently or aloud a few times to become familiar with it. Then go through the acronym as you slowly read back through the passage, acknowledging when one of the letters is applicable. I also find it helpful to write down which parts of the passage go with each letter and maybe even some personal insight on them.


If you’re staying with a group, you can all read it silently and then either popcorn read or have a designated reader to read aloud to the group. Then, you can take the passage piece by piece or just one big chunk and go through each of the acronym letters. As people begin to point out what they find, it will usually initiate discussion and encourage the group to expand on what they’re discovering and learning. 


Whether you’re alone or with a group, the application portion of this method is important to not skip over or rush through. You want to make sure that you take what you’re reading and learning and apply it to your life immediately. We can all say, “yeah I wish I was more patient” or “I shouldn’t be rude to my family” but it takes commitment and dedication to set specific application goals and work towards them through prayer and intention. Having a group to keep one another accountable really helps with this!

Here is what each letter stands for:



S - Sin to avoid/confess


P - Promise to claim


E - Example to follow or Example not to follow (good or bad example)


C - Command to obey


K - Knowledge about God…characteristics, things we can count on to always be true of Him


A - Application (this can be general applications, personal applications, or both)




Give this study method a try and let me know how it goes!!

In Christ Alone my hope is found

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