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For my recipes, I aim to use whole ingredients and “healthier” alternatives which means some may not be mainstream for a lot of people. Whether you’ve never been exposed, you don’t have access, or you’re not financially able to obtain these ingredients, you can absolutely still enjoy almost all of the recipes I post. I try my best to find ways to decrease ingredient expense because I’m on a tight budget as a college student and I also don’t want to spend unnecessary money on food if I don’t have to. A lot of “health” foods are extremely overpriced with an overstatement of their benefits. Because of this, I look for sales and bulk buys, make some homemade ingredients, and *hopefully* most helpful to y’all…this substitution list! I’ve done a lot of research to try and find the ingredients I most often use and what they can be replaced with as well as the amount. My advice is accept where you are, understand your current abilities and limitations, and use what ya got! Small changes amount to big changes. I hope y’all find this useful!

IMPORTANT: I have not tested most of these substitutions for my current recipes. If I have, it will most likely be mentioned in Tiff Tips. Substitutions in recipes don’t guarantee that the recipe will turn out the exact same as originally intended. 

**I will be adding to this list as more substitutions come to my attention.

Feel free to email me if there are specific other ingredients you'd like me to list.

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