We shouldn’t dread pictures!!! & yet I’m the worst about this 😣 I become so consumed with my image, my physique, my features. And because of this, I take something away from the moment. I take away part of the JOY that precedes wanting to take a picture in the first place. And I feed into my pride and selfishness. 


Now, I’m obviously not talking about any and every photo taken because I know pictures are used in many ways, not just to capture fun/exciting/joyous moments. But for those that ARE intended to represent loved ones gathering or fun days or happy times, it frustrates me to think that I would care so much about how I look that I might reject the option of a photo altogether. 


I’ve noticed that this is an issue for a lot of people. Body image issues and low self-esteem account for a lot of it. Having an eating disorder, I was hyper-fixated on my appearance but even before that, I was extremely critical of photos.


But let’s remember where our worth lies, what (or more accurately who) our identity is found in, and how we should ultimately view ourselves. I know this helped (and continues to help) me work through issues even as simple as avoiding photos. 


My intention behind this post and this message is not to give you an ego boost by telling you that you are worth more than you think because YOU have...(insert special qualities or personality traits here). My goal is to point you to Christ by assuring you of the promises He’s already made and reminding you that you don’t need approval from the fallen world we live in. 


Things to remember:

We are God’s creation. 

The center of everything is HIM, not us. 

God is faithful. 

We have been given an immeasurable about of grace.

Our appearance has no eternal implications. 


When we detach self-esteem, worth, and identity from God, we lack understanding and we formulate an idea in our head that will never stick. I encourage you to alter your perspective about this topic if you find yourself falling into a worldly point of view.


Jump into ALL of the photos, holding onto the joy you feel and letting go of the doubt, insecurities, and false messages in your head.

In Christ Alone my hope is found

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