June 30, 2020

This post is an important one!! ⭐️ What not to say...


Words are extremely effective and not always in a positive way. One thing I’ve learned while dealing with my own body image and eating issues is that we live in a society obsessed with diets and body physique. It’s almost impossible to avoid the company of those talking about it. And intentionally or not, things people say can be hurtful and frustrating. 


Here are a few things **not to say**


1️⃣ are you going to eat all of that?

(because yes I probably am and you saying that makes me feel like I shouldn’t)


2️⃣ I wish I could eat ___ like you

(first of all, you can eat ___ like me and you’re making me feel uncomfortable)


3️⃣ I shouldn’t be eating this

(well then should I be eating it...should anyone be eating it...?? I’m confused)


4️⃣ I’m not allowed to eat that

(I doubt there’s a law in place for it and you’re making me feel like I should have rules put in place too...)


Obviously, people don’t always intend for things to come out the way they do and often times these comments are a result of their own exposure to diet culture in every direction so it’s important not to lash out or place blame. It IS important to speak up and explain to others when their words are coming across negatively. It can be difficult and awkward but most likely, they don’t even realize it’s making you feel that way. And if they care about you, they’ll be willing to make changes in the way they speak to avoid hurting you and others. 


There are many more “what not to say’s” but I’ll save those for another time.

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