July 7, 2020

Last week I posted a “what not to say” and this week I’m responding with a “things you could say instead.” Along with lovingly telling other people that what they’re saying is affecting you negatively, it’s also useful to give them alternatives so that they understand what type of language to use instead. (and when in doubt, it may be best not to say anything at all :))


Some examples: they’re not necessarily direct responses to last week but they’re more positively worded statements


1️⃣ That looks like a yummy plate of food!

(simply stating that someone else’s plate looks good instead of analyzing and making confusing comments)


2️⃣ What foods do you enjoy?

(asking what food someone...enjoys...instead of always focusing on the nutritional value)


3️⃣ No thank you, ___ doesn’t make me feel the best. 

(declining a food offer by explaining how it makes you feel opposed to how it will affect your physique and/or diet)...you could also just say no thank you


4️⃣ I’m choosing not to eat that right now...for health reasons / because my doctor suggested I don’t / because it doesn’t make me feel good

(stating that 1. you have a choice in the matter and 2. it’s for reasons other than diet culture influence)


What we say about food, exercise, health, and our own bodies can have a lasting impact on other people. Try to research about disordered eating and negative health words that are commonly used in today’s society (#dietculture phrases is a good topic to look into). Just because it’s normalized, doesn’t mean everyone agrees or feels good about it. 

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